Playlist: Summer 2022 Mixtape

By Teta

Unintentionally, I was awake for the midnight release of Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul.” I was so enthralled and energized that I stayed up for another hour just looping the song.

And during a recent return to Indonesia, I listened to a lot of new and old Indonesian pop music. I once again heard Farid Hardja and Lucky Resha’s “Ini Rindu,” and this time, I was able to sing along. I also learned more about Indonesian disco, past and present.

So with all that energy, fueled by a restlessness that could only be cured by 130 bpm, I was inspired to curate a body-moving playlist featuring Indonesian artists. Something to get the heart thumping and the blood pumping. It is my great hope that you will also find something to blast at 4 a.m. to dance around your room or outside.

Think sensual and muggy, much like part of this poem:

my moans are / chants / in the dark
and your / sweat / will be the / mist
that turns into / morning dew
when the daylight breaks in / along
with the thieves / that will carry
out / my heavy / heart / to
the beaches

“Tropical Body” by Ray Shabir, from Kink (2021)

This playlist is also available on Apple Music here.

This playlist is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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