Poem: an Indonesian American wanting

By Winston Widjaja Lin

About the writer: Winston Widjaja Lin is a gaysian American of Indonesian and Taiwanese heritage. He is an MFA in Creative Writing student in Pacific Lutheran University’s Rainier Writing Workshop. His writing has been published by The Institutionalized Review, Neon Door, Variety Pack, decomp, EcoTheo Review, The Lit Pub, Papeachu Press, and elsewhere. His published work has been translated into Spanish, and has appeared in journals across three continents. Interests that complement his love for art include health, social sciences, and comparative theology & philosophy. He likes seagulls. Follow him on Instagram & Twitter @faboo_boba_teh, and learn more about him at about.me/winstontl.

an Indonesian American wanting

every saturday, i take the toyota out 
the seattle suburb garage (it stays 
dormant in) for a 20 mile 30 minute 
drive to the nearest Indonesian food &
beverage source from where we reside,

drive past markets with “asian goods” signs,
imperial woks, sushi lands, Thai palaces, &
boba cafes, enter the toll bridge reminding
my lungs to expand, to tolerate the rumbling
my stomach sustained throughout the week.

some folks go onto informing me,
“20 miles. 30 minutes. that’s
quite the trek for a meal.” 

yes, black milk tea & pearls is a “classic”
yes, they catch fresh fish for the sashimi
yes, swimming rama is truly a delight
i’m so over kung pao chicken tho &
those markets don’t sell what i want!

and everytime the first half of the trek ends,
i step out the toyota,
         i’m greeted by name,
      & given the

   teh botok,
	empek-empek Palembang,
      lontung sayur,
 	   & sate ayam

my insides instantly feel more full

without needing to open the containers.

before returning to a largely familiar reality
Poetry submission by Winston Widjaja Lin