Buah zine playlist: Best Songs 2021

By Teta

play something good // when i’m gone // don’t call it an end // tell everyone i ran off // fell in love with my body again // or i left my body instead // or my body is now married to the dirt // i am in an on // off // relationship // with dusk

“party guidelines,” from Dena Igusti’s “Cut Woman” (2020)

And so, the calendar’s final page has arrived. Time melts into a finite horizon. Bones creak, and skin stretches to waning elasticity. New year, old concerns — at least that’s how it feels.

But around the immense grief, this great mound that sits in my throat, there are also smaller pebbles of joy, comfort, and wonder. They keep me afloat, keep me tethered to a shore that grows more distant with age. I keep those pebbles shiny with dancing and music, and so even if I feel like my creativity has drained out of my body, I can still feel connected to other people’s creative energy through their music.

I say these are the best songs, but really, they’re my personal favorites, ones that I enjoy returning to when I need to envelop myself in gorgeousness or shake away the blues. I love the earthy smolder of Sade Susanto’s voice in “Pulang.” I love the acoustic beauty of Teddy Adhitya’s “Masa Depan.” And I just love the bright-light dance moments of Goodnight Electric’s “Eraluka.”

Without further ado, please enjoy this playlist. If you have Apple Music, you can access it here.

The Best Songs of 2021 Playlist!

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I also want to shout out the recent music videos I’ve enjoyed.

Voice of Baceprot is incredible, and doing amazing, and it’s been so great watching them grow in their music!

“God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music” by Voice of Baceprot

Here’s a cute one from Diskoria, Eva Celia and Laleilmanino. Carefree dancing in a beautiful home with disco homages? We love to see it!

“C.H.R.I.S.Y.E.” by Diskoria, Laleilmanino, Eva Celia

Keeping the retro vibes going, three-piece band FLEUR! jams in verdant spaces with charming outfits. Simple, yet effective!

“Merona” by FLEUR!

I stuck to more straightforward, vintage concepts this time around; they’re just so nice to look at. And the Later Just Find band members look like they’re having fun — I love that.

“Egois” by Later Just Find

(Featured Image: Screenshots via Apple Music)