Buah zine playlist: Fall 2021 Mixtape

By Teta 

(Photos are screenshots from Apple Music)

You’re always hanging onto, stretching the past

for as long as you can

until it elongates

like a chewed-up string of gum.

“WARM-BLOODED” by Jessica Jemalem Ginting, from Voyages

Fall has arrived on the East Coast of the U.S., which means darkness creeping into shortened daylight hours, chills and longing. After spending most of my life here, I should be used to colder climes, to shrug off the shivers, but it has only made me pine for the heat, for sunlight bleeding into evenings, for bare skin in the warm, summer air.

Though I dread the colder months, I do appreciate scary movies in October, hot cider and corn mazes. This season’s playlist is fueled by fall melancholia. Highlights include the seraphic “Arumdalu” by hara; the acoustic slow-burn of “Solitude” by Sade Susanto; and the glistening duet “Apa Mimpimu?” by Ananda Badudu, featuring Monita Tahalea.

You can also listen on Apple Music; get that playlist here.

The Fall 2021 Buah zine playlist is out now!

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Also, here are a few music videos I’ve enjoyed recently.

“Baby in Red” by Astera

What’s better than a couple of guys being dudes? The band members are just hanging out, rocking out, and it’s charming to see. The song is reminiscent of a 2011 indie rock era à la Grouplove’s “Tongue Tied,” and that fosters a lot of nostalgic goodwill.

“Baby in Red” music video by Astera

“Come Walk With Me” by Nadya Fatira

A soothing pop confection paired with gorgeous landscapes and visually memorable outfits? It’s a winning recipe.

“Come Walk With Me” music video by Nadya Fatira

“Picture” by Jinan Laetitia

This music video is of the same genre as the Nadya Fatira’s, but with more elaborate outfits and beauty looks, which are the biggest draws. The pearly eye look with the white, bejeweled corset, mustard blazer and red hijab? Oooh, the sartorial decisions are exquisite.

“Picture” music video by Jinan Laetitia