Buah zine playlist: Summer 2021 Mixtape

By Teta 

(Photos are screenshots from Apple Music)

Before I get into the music, I do want to highlight the crisis happening in Indonesia currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indonesia has become the new epicenter as cases soar, pushing the healthcare system to its limits. For those who would like to help out, I’m sharing some resources where people can direct their money. Please consider giving, especially if you live in the U.S., Europe or Australia. It’ll go a long way:

  • This GoFundMe campaign has a $10,000USD goal that it is so close to reaching. Funds are being distributed to local organizers in Indonesia to get medical supplies and provide support for impacted healthcare workers. This is a great way for those in the U.S. who may not have access to an Indonesian bank account to help community pandemic-response efforts.
  • Bagi Rata is a mutual aid platform that highlights stories from Indonesian workers who have been affected by the pandemic, and donors can give directly to a person’s e-wallet, such as a Dana or GoPay account.
  • For more donation resources, Kudeta Mag has a DONASI highlight on its Instagram account. It’s clearly marked on the story highlights section. And go ahead and show love to Kudeta Mag, a really great Indonesian youth-centered creative media platform.

If there are any more resources people want to share, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know! Don’t take your eyes off Indonesia — there’s still a pandemic!

Now, for the music: I honestly put this together so I could still do something Buah zine-related because I really haven’t had time to schedule new interviews or plan more in-depth content. I apologize profusely, but hopefully, this playlist will still keep us connected.

The inspiration for this summer’s playlist is reality TV. Could it be played on a version of “Love Island” directed by Wong Kar Wai? If yes, then it’s on this playlist. I really like the saucy guitars of Studio Yonichi’s “Thorn Queen,” the vintage sultriness of Duara’s “Morning Sun feat. Vira Talisa,” and the emo-pop aspirations of Naldooo’s “Paris, Texas IV feat. suisei & Reikko.”

Hope you enjoy! If you want to listen on Apple Music, get that playlist here.

More on Buah zine

Here are a couple music videos I’ve enjoyed recently.

“Holiday Savvy feat. Grace Sahertian” by Dhira Bongs

It’s futuristic. It’s glam-rock weird. And Dhira Bongs looks like the Year 3000 artiste that we need.

“I Wear My Skin (Cover)” by Voice of Baceprot

I guess it’s not technically a music video and more of a live session performance, but I just want to shoutout Voice of Baceprot whenever I can.