Playlist: Indo mixtape, spring 2021

By Teta 

(Photos are screenshots from Apple Music)

I fell asleep in March, and when I woke up, it was already the last day of April.

Time keeps slithering away from me. When I feel like I’m about to cup it in my hands, it just slinks off into some dark corner and continues avoiding me. Maybe it’s “languishing,” maybe it’s general late-20s ennui. I’m not screaming as much, but I do often catch myself staring out the window, no thoughts, just vibes.

The weather is getting sunnier in D.C., which is helping improve my mood by a lot. My apartment building will be switching from the heat to AC, and I’ve already spent several days rolling out of bed drenched in sweat. That sticky-sweet D.C. humidity is inching back in top form, and I can’t wait to hopefully be outside more, catching the light.

The inspiration for this season’s playlist is honestly just vibes, the sort of empty-headed existence that gets you to the next day, not exactly ghostly but just a whisper of living. The mood is best captured by the spacey synths of Goodnight Electric’s “Tamat,” the glittering harmonies of Kunto Aji and Nadin Amizah’s “Selaras,” the meditative pulsing of Fvrther’s remix of “Ati Bolong” by Hara, and the romantic musings of Rrefal’s “Lavender Song.”

If you want to listen on Apple Music, get that playlist here.

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I also want to highlight a couple of music videos that I’ve really enjoyed recently.

“The Unusual” by Rayssa Dynta

Content warning for blood.

I loved this willowy, sensuous short film, really, of what appears to be late-night office musings of a possible ménage à trois, done in lyrical dance form. It’s strange, it’s exciting, it’s cheeky, and I had a lot of fun watching it. Love seeing all the creativity from Jakarta-based Double Deer Records.

“Hung Up” by Naja

It’s an über-pink, sparkly, cherry-dotted dream world to get lost in. I can’t believe I fought against pink for so long in my youth, and now I have a hard time finding a pink that doesn’t please me. I recently bought my first blush-pink dress, so I’m glad to have this video as inspo.