Audio: Work in Progress podcast episode

By Karissa Munaf

New York City-based student Karissa Munaf wanted to share a recent episode of her podcast, Work in Progress, with Buah zine. Here’s what she has to say about it.

For Episode 2, “What is it like to live a mixed-culture life in America?,” I interviewed Dirm Luawo, a senior at Parsons School of Design. He studies communication design and works as a mentor for the Parsons Scholars Program.

Dirm was the first Indonesian-American I met when I moved to New York. He’d often take me to places with Indonesian food, culture, and people to help me understand how the Indonesian community grows here. Living a mixed-culture life isn’t always easy for Dirm, so in this episode, we talked about how his identity and personal experiences had shaped his thesis project and how the project itself can be a self-critique of our identities.

[15:11] “I want to create a passport where you can write things in. […] I want to make stickers that people can put in there,” Dirm tells Work in Progress. Listen to the episode to learn more about his passport designs. (Image courtesy of Karissa Munaf/Art by Dirm Luawo)

About the project: Work in Progress is a podcast that is interested in the ways design students talk about their thesis projects. The aim is to create a space for design students to have critical dialogues and discussions around design. Each episode is hosted by Karissa Munaf, a senior at Parsons School of Design. She began this project as part of her thesis project. Even though she is not an expert in talking or interviewing people, the passion and devotion that design students put into their work inspired her to do this project. The conversations will focus on the subject matter but particularly on the research, process, and the unforetold stories that students have throughout their thesis journeys.

About the designer: Karissa Munaf was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is a communication design student, currently in her senior year, at Parsons School of Design. Her passion lies in branding because she loves designing for people or a community. She believes that design becomes meaningful when we think in terms of putting people first. If you want to know more about her work, visit her website.