Discussion: Indonesian heritage and whiteness

By Teta, Ardi, Latisha and Ariel

In January, Buah zine had a virtual discussion with three past interviewees about their multi-heritage backgrounds, specifically on Indonesian heritage and whiteness.

The idea for this conversation came about late last year, when Ardi and Teta were thinking of ways to create space for more complex, nuanced conversations around having multi-Indonesian heritage. They wanted to challenge certain notions, particularly around whiteness and Indonesian-ness, and hoped this discussion could be a starting point, a warm-up, to much larger conversations.

Teta (U.S.) moderates this discussion. Ariel Santikarma (U.S.), Latisha Horstink (Saudi Arabia), and Ardi Kuhn (U.S.) — who are all Indonesian and white, and live outside of Indonesia — are in conversation with each other.

Read their past Buah zine interviews:

Latisha made the graphics for the video. Ardi and Ariel helped proofread the transcription. Teta produced the audio and the music, and Ardi also helped with audio editing.

The discussion is in English, with several Indonesian words and phrases used throughout.

The video has subtitles. The full transcription and audio-only version is available here.

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