Playlist: Indo mixtape, winter 2020-2021

(Photos are screenshots from Apple Music)

By Teta 

Guess what? Buah zine recently turned 3! Since I launched the zine online in January 2018, it has truly grown, and I hope to be able to keep it going for as long as I can! I’m really just so excited to see Buah zine continue to reach and connect with more people every year.

In sort-of celebration mode–but mostly to scrape together some semblance of joy–I put together this winter 2020-21 playlist. It’s all about disco-tinged, bass-blaring, lovelorn rhythms this season, babyyy!

If you want to listen to this on Apple Music, get that playlist here.

Also, if you’re looking for more mixes to enjoy, check these out:

  • Also! I made this mix with 100.000 back in May 2020, so if you want to revisit it or listen to it for the first time, here ya go!

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