Playlist: Indo Mixtape #25

By Teta 

(Photos via Apple Music screenshot)

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The weather is changing for the chillier and gloomier. I won’t lie: I’m not a big fan of the fall and winter seasons. Less sunlight and colder temperatures make Teta a very grumpy, sad lad.

So I tried to mine some bursts of joy with a more subdued, hazy sound, and that’s how Indo Mixtape #25 came together. Expect some orchestral swells, moody rhythms and staring-out-your-window-on-a-cloudy-day moments.

Also, side note: I keep thinking about the “Tunggu Aku” music video by Andika Mahesa because it’s so tender and lovely, and what a joy to watch so many different people be in love. Let me tell you, a good Indonesian love song really hits. (Does it have to do with scorpio season? Who knows!) Anyways, do yourself a favor and watch this beautiful music video.

Back to the playlist: There are 50 songs—over three hours of music!—so there are lots of gems to uncover. Hope you enjoy! Get the Apple Music version here.

P.S. If you’re looking for something more upbeat, I did a mix with 100.000 back in May. Get dancing!

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