Playlist: Indo Mixtape #24

By Teta 

(Photos via Apple Music screenshot)

Over the past two or so months, I haven’t been putting out the Buah zine monthly playlists like usual because of **gestures around.** But, every once in a while, I found myself still listening to new music, straying from my comfort playlist.

Indo Mixtape #24 is the result of some months of putting together sounds that I liked, that I found interesting, that fit a certain mood. It ranges from pop to hard rock, with some indie songwriters and some mainstream groups, some newcomers and some established acts.

There are 50 songs—over three hours of music!—so there are lots of gems to uncover.

Side note: If you have mutual aid platforms or pandemic-related efforts you’d like to share, please contact Buah zine. Terima kasih! 

Now, here’s the summer 2020 playlist. Get the Apple Music version here.

P.S. In May, I did a mix in collaboration with 100.000. It starts off very bright and joyful, and ends on a slightly melancholic note. I hope you enjoy!

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