Playlist: Indo Mixtape #1

(Photo collage via YouTube screenshots: from left to right, Teddy Adhitya, Isyana Sarasvati, GAC, and Lala Karmela.)

By Teta

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I knew nothing about Indonesian music and pop culture before 2004.

Then, when I went back to Indonesia the summer before fifth grade, I was introduced to Indonesian singing competitions and bought two very important, formative albums: Akademi Fantasi Indosiar 2, “Melangkah Bersama” and Indonesian Idol, “Indonesian All Time Hits.”

Long story short, these two albums paved the way for my interest not only in Indonesian music, but music from all over the world. How I connect to my Indonesian heritage — and most things, really — is through music.

Thanks to the internet, it’s much easier for me to find Indonesian music now than it was 14 years ago (oof!). I still probably don’t know as much about Indonesian pop culture as I think I do, but at least I can get caught up quickly.

Without further introduction, here’s a playlist from current artists of Indonesian heritage (you KNOW I had to include Michelle Branch). Enjoy!

This playlist is also available on Apple Music.

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